08 August 2011

Big Ol' Stack

The other day after I cried and tucked I went to the library. It's like therapy. And it's also a really good way to be glad you didn't leave the country cause we sure ain't go nothing like a big public library where I live in Africa...

The past month has been too busy visiting peeps and making preparations to leave that there was no time to go to the library, check out books and then actually find the time to enjoy them.

But since we're delayed... there's time for the library! Hallejuiah and Amen!

Before I went, I asked H what he'd like me to get for him. He said he'd like "Olivia", "aminal books" and "cars books". I managed the first two but I failed on the cars books cause I thought he meant Disney Carz specifically (since Grandma and Grandpa were taking him to that very movie that afternoon) but when I came home without any cars books he informed silly Mommy that he didn't mean Carz books... but just books about cars in general.

Oops. Mommy will do better next time.

Aaaanyway I went, browsed most of the aisles just cause I could, chose lots of titles, picked up the items that I had already put hold and then stumbled out to the car barely managed to carry my stack. Oh yes, it also included some DVDs.

Um. Yeah. It's a huge stack. But it's free! And I sure don't take it for granted... I'm so thankful!

I'd like to announce that I've already skimmed/read four of the books I got for myself during kiddos sleep times. And I'll also announce that getting my boy new books to 'read' is WONDERFUL because he'll sit and look at them for a really long time. Then his Daddy will read them to him and then the next day he'll sit down and read the book to me word for word and I get really weirded out that he can remember so much stuff and maybe I should watch what I say more cause I'm sure stuff is gonna start coming back to bite me in the butt any day now. The kid has a mind like a steel trap. Scary.

Whew! Please don't dissect that sentence up there for grammatical correctness. It wouldn't be healthy.

AND I'll announce that this new bundling thing (well, new to me at least) that they are doing at the library is great. Cause instead of browsing all the books on the shelf to separate the mediocre kids books from the super cute/clever/award winning kids books... I just grabbed the bundle of ten that had the "Staff Favorites" tag on it and added it to my super huge stack piled up on the floor. I figure if the staff likes them so will we! I could have chosen other bundles like "colors", "food", "weather", etc if I wanted him to learn more about those topics. Genius idea!

I do believe we'll be back to the library soon!

Now please excuse me, I've got some reading to do.

1 comment:

  1. You live in Africa? How cool is THAT!?

    I love getting books from the library but the last time I went one of them reeked of smoke and it put me off completely. Now I borrow my mom's books :-)


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