01 August 2011

Oh Yes They Did!

We had the pleasure of spending the weekend at a lake-side house with some dear friends and family.

There was a long list of fun activities to be partaken of. (Um, that's a weird sentence)

One of those aforementioned activities (more weird word usage, I can't explain it) was jumping off the boat house! Mike and I both did it.

I screamed the whole way down like a scared girl cause that's what I was. Mikey did not scream however. I think he has been jumping off that boat house most of his life.

And then my brave boy went for it in his Daddy's arms. Not once, but TWICE!

I have the proof. Proof that required me to climb down the ladder and walk through the lake with my precious Canon Rebel Camera (Rebel is an appropriate name in this instance, wouldn't you say?) dangerously close to the water's surface. I heard someone ask "Is that thing waterproof?" Um, no, it's not, thanks for checking. I just hoped that there would be no big wake or big snake or big tangle of seaweed brushing my legs making me think it's a snake or a biting fish or something else icky at the moment. Does seaweed even grow in lakes? Probably not. Which makes me wonder why that's what we were calling it all weekend.

What was that stuff?

Oh well.

Aaanyway, I took my camera in the water cause a blogger's got to do what a blogger's got to do.

Can I get an Amen?

So, I assure you, this jumping off the boat house thing was safe. You just hand to land feet first, is all. There were multiple H adoring blood-related fans of my boy H standing by (floating by, actually) observing the whole thing, so you know it was safe.

Okay. Enough chit-chat. I get it. You want the pictures that speak a thousand words. Cause my words are getting old.


I completely understand.

And I promise I'm not offended.

Here goes...

Taking a gander before the jump. See my boy on his belly gazing down at the water from the edge?

Disappeared for that running start...

Here goes nothin!!

Whoo-hoooo! Such fun!!


  1. Looks like a blast! I love seeing how H's arms start to go up, as you know his little stomach had to be moving into his throat on the way down! Too fun!!


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