29 August 2011

Pull 'n Slide

Normally, one would call this classic summer activity Slip 'n Slide. But considering the light weights of my children and the general lack of slippiness on the actual slide, I have renamed it.

This occurred weeks ago, but I didn't want to miss my chance to post it. I figure once we've moved on from this country to another, this post would be deemed much less relevant.

As if you care about what I deem blog-relevant or not.

Cause is any of this blog fluff relevant? Did anyone actually ask to see thirty-five (not quite) photos of my kids sliding down a hill on a piece of plastic?

No, no one did. Not that I heard anyway.

Too bad.

This was the near the beginning of our time. Sweet N wasn't too keen.

But don't you worry, it didn't take her long to get cheery.

Cheery and CUTE.

Not that she wasn't cute when she was crying, cause she still was...

But can you even take-in all that girly toddler cuteness!

I mean, really. She's perfect.

And so is he.

Anyway. Here's the setup. Same hill I slipped and slid on when I was a kid. Only I'm certain it used to be four times that size. No. Really.

Here's the 'pull'...

the 'slide'...

And the 'splash'. The splash is the best part.

See? Girlie liked it too, eventually!

Does it get anymore fun for kiddos in summer than this?!

I can't take it.

Water in a hose. So simple. So fun.

Now was this the best idea you've ever seen? Um, not sure. Has good potential for fun and potential also for...

... uh oh, she's starting to tip...

...tipping more...

... and she rolled onto the ground and got grass clippings all over her. I promise they're not dead flies like they look like. And it's a good thing there isn't a vanity mirror installed at the bottom of the hill cause my girlie does NOT like grass clippings (or crumbs or hairs or lint or anything else) stuck to her hands. So if she could have seen what her face looked like it would have been bad news. (Even worse news than the clippings already on her hands, I guess.)

She recovered quickly.

And then these two had a try on their own.

I just love those grins.

I just love that backyard.

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