11 August 2011

The Results Are In...

...and the conclusion is that this baby in my sister's belly

pictured here getting a big smooch-aroo from his/her big brother...

...doesn't have to be called him/her anymore because she's a SHE.

She's a GIRL!! The baby is a girl!!

I am gonna have a niece!! And I'm a little excited about it, in case the large number of exclamation points didn't clue you in on that.

Now, I don't usually get any sort of hunch for these things. I don't usually pretend to have any clue what type of human being is growing inside another human being. But when my sister was still nauseated at sixteen weeks and still puking at eighteen weeks (so sorry sis) I had a pretty good feeling that this was going to be a different sort of gender than her womb previously produced. Ha!

And I was right! I was so right.

It's a girl. Waaahoooo!!!

And she has sweet "teensy bitsy" (as my boy says) little girlie feet too...

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