15 August 2011

Showering Baby Braxton

About a month ago Baby Braxton got to be the guest of honor at his own shower! Usually these things happen when the babe is still in the belly, but this shower was different and that meant I could be a part of it!

These four sisters (don't they look beautiful?!) threw the party. But I wanted to help too. So they agreed. Yay for me!

My gig was the decorations! Perfect!

Wanna see?


Too bad!

I made approximately 25 yards of cute baby bunting. It was so simple and makes such a great impact in the room. And can I just take a moment and state for the record that I made bunting for my boy's nursery four years ago before EVERYONE and their sister was making it? In fact I could hardly find directions online cause no one was doing it yet. But I persevered and have been enjoying the fruits of my bunting (?) for four years and now I can call myself a trend-setter. Ha!

Well, maybe I could be a trend-setter if anyone knew about me or cared what I did. So maybe I won't ever be a trend-setter, but I do feel happy that I saw the potential in bunting before the rest of the (female North American) population did.

K, I'm stepping back on track now.

The decorations!!

Table displays were squares and rectangles of the same fabrics, combined with vintage white lace trimmed napkins, white doilies and Ball jars (thanks cousin Lori!) with tea lights, twine and more strips of fabric.

Easy peazy.

The jars were my fav.

Can you tell?

So sweet. Wait, um... I mean handsome?! It was a shower for a boy and this isn't very boy-ish. But the shower was attended entirely by females (and one other cute little male cuz) so how's a girl to decorate?

Lori also did the cupcakes. She's pretty much a cupcake master. And they tasted amazing. I asked her "How do ya make 'em taste so good?" and she said "Butter." And I thought "Duh."

Then I asked for another.


Actually I'm not sure if I actually did ask for another. But if I didn't, I totally regret it now.

Baby Braxton got introduced to many ladies for the first time, including Great Grandma.

The sole game was "Mold a Baby". I made some playdough, gave a handful to each woman and told them to "Mold a baby." (The game is pretty straight-forward, I know.) I think it was a great game cause it gave us all something to do with our hands while we visited. It was also a great game because no one had to stand up and sing a solo or get wrapped in TP or re-enact their birth experiences on top of the table.

Oh my.

What a terrible thought.

An awful thought.

That awful idea is not a real shower game (at least I HOPE it's not), but I admit my awful-shower game brainstorming session got a bit carried away...

Pretend I never mentioned it.

The molding results were impressive! Including this cute little guy sleeping soundly on his belly.

And this baby? Maybe this is a re-enactment of the birth? Not sure.

And there are these two. Possibly worthy of a participation ribbon? I appreciate the effort.

This happy little fellow was the winner. Blue ribbon baby!

I totally see the resemblance.

Present time!!

Go ahead... say it with me...


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  1. Dear Suz,

    Just collapsed on the bed choking after laughing too hard at your running commentary on the playdough baby molding submissions. Corban, ever inquisitive and attentive to my respiratory issues, asked what was wrong... I just pointed. Then he too was out loud laughing. Thank you for the much needed light hearted moment. :) I thought your decorations were lovely and I wish we could go into a decorating business together. I like your style of "Pretty" :)


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