31 August 2011

Three Items of Business

Okay, so it's not really business, per se. It's just my life. But whatever.

Item #1:

There has been lots of packing going on. And talk of visas. And talk of airplanes. Duh.

Naturally my boy has been pretending all those things that he has been hearing us talk about a lot.


Here he is 'working' on our visas. (Tap tap tapping on the keyboard)

And putting them in his backpack. (Gee, I wish it were that easy!)

And then he promptly ordered the whole family onto the 'airplane' to fly to Africa! We obliged. He even buckled his seatbelt and his baby sister's seatbelt. Safety first, we always say. Ha! I'm so proud.

Then he exited the airplane on this bridge. I wish we could exit airplanes like this in real life. Sure would work out those 14 hours plane ride leg cramps!

Girlie see, girlie do.


Item #2:

I've obviously been up to lots of sorting, which includes all of my kiddos stuff that they've outgrown in the past few months.

And that includes these wee wittle shoozies.

I had a really hard time tossing them in the trashcan. She has another pair just like them in the next size up that she can still wear now. But this was the first pair of shoes that she walked walked in. She learned to walk in them in Africa and walked tons more in them all across Asia, at which point her tiny 'big' toe had poked through the front.

I loved it that her tiny 'big' toe poked through the front.

But... practical woman that I am can't see any reason to keep them now. So I snapped this photo and reluctantly tossed them in the garbage can.

Goodbye baby shoes. I'll miss you. (I still have the baby I know. Except I know she's not a baby anymore. But I do believe I will continue to call her baby. You can't stop me.)


Item #3:

Today's last topic of (very random) business is fitted sheets.

I can do lots of things well.

But folding a fitted sheet neatly and small is just not one of them. Am I alone here? Can anyone from my generation fold a fitted sheet nice and neat? Cause for some reason I'm convinced it's a generational thing.

Here's my Mom's folded sheet. So flat. Compact. Rectangular.

And here's mine.

No, I'm not kidding. It's about the best I can do.

That's all.

Meeting adjourned.


  1. I'm completely with you on the fitted sheet!! Yours look like mine do, and I'm convinced I'm never getting any better with that...

    So glad to hear you're getting closer to home and are headed to Jordan! I'll continue to pray that your visas to return to your Sudanese home come through very soon!

  2. Hey, Swing by Kathmandu and I can teach you how to fold your fitted sheet! ;o)
    Love you guys,
    S. xx

  3. S, I'd love too!! Maybe you can put together a tutorial and I'll post it so we can all learn from you? :) xoxo


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