02 September 2011

All Set

I always have so much to say when we're about to travel.

But I have no time.

However, I thought you all (hello?) might like to know that we're all set!

I have successfully packed and weighed eight 50(51, 52?) pound bags. I always overpack by a pound or two, cause I'd hate to get to the airport and have all the bags weigh in at 48 pounds. Two extra pounds times eight bags equals a lot of cookie mix and Christmas cards. Better safe than sorry, I'd say. I always put something 'bonusy' on the top so that if I get a strict lil' desk clerk then I have something easy to snatch out to appease her. I've also packed four carry-ons, with two more to be packed in the morning. My family's traveling clothes are laid out and my head is about to hit the pillow just a hair past midnight.

Do I hear applause?

Just my own, I think.


And don't you worry. I have left myself a large yellow note so that I don't forget to put the fourteen pounds of cheddar cheese and chocolate chips in the specially purchased cooler and return it to it's allotted space in trunk number 5.

You think I'm joking?

You're wrong.

We have priorities around here, people.

And yes, I accounted for the weight in my pre-travel weight checks. And yes, my trunks and duffels are numbered. And I have a detailed list of what each contains.

How silly of you to have to ask.

Don't you know warm and fuzzy organization makes me feel inside?

"If you don't know me by now... you will never never never know me. OOOoooooooo"


Would you like to ask God to be with us on this trip? Three flights total. Two short domestic, and one marathon 14.5 hour one.

Lord have mercy on us!


  1. Praying for God's mercies while you travel, and that each flight will connect smoothly for you.

    Blessings to all of you.


  2. YAY! You're off! praying for ya's...


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