27 September 2011

Amman Street Art Fair

Tonight we went to the Amman Street Art Fair with the kiddos. It was an odd and interesting and wonderful cultural experience. Odd and interesting and wonderful because it was so similar to our home culture that you could have forgotten you were in the Middle East if you ignored the handful of women with covered heads and some spoken Arabic occasionally wafting into your ears.

There were photographers, a sculptor, an up-cycler, accessory crafters, painters, salsa dancers, beat-boys, rappers, a glass blower, jewelers and more. There was even a 'free-hug' stall. Wait... Where am I again?!


I could say all kinds of things about the evening, but the two thoughts I kept having the whole night were these:

1. "I'm so glad that there is art being shared and artists being celebrated." You see, the arts and artists being public, accepted and especially celebrated is a fairly recent thing in this region of the world. Africa too. But it's growing and I love it.

2. "The art and artists here are a representation of their Creator's creativity, whether they know it or not." The one true God is the supreme Artist. The Creator of the arts. And He was reflected tonight in various beautiful and diverse expressions. Most people maybe don't know that their gifts are an expression of their Creator... that their gifts actually come FROM Him. But it is true whether they know it or not.

Yeah. Odd. And interesting. And wonderful.

And I give Him glory.

(face art)


(painted flower on her hand)

(sidewalk chalk-ing)



(apron girlie)

(sweet snack. sweet photo)

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