15 September 2011

Budding Artist

Lately I noticed that my son hadn't ever really drawn a picture. He does 'H' all the time, and circles and scribbles. But that about covered it.

So we got out this handy dandy little erasable doodle board from Grammi and I asked him what he wanted me to draw. I proceeded to draw several 'pages' of cranes and diggers and bulldozers. Then I drew a picture of our family, all the while narrating what I was drawing and why.

I thought this just might get him going on doodling himself.

I was right!

He took the marker from my hand and quickly and decisively produced his first drawing!

It's a self-portait, duh.

Then he erased it and drew it again.

You're wondering exactly what is happening in this masterpiece, right?

Don't worry. I wondered too.

He's jumping into a swimming pool, obviously!

Here is another rendition, with H looking more like a pirate, for some reason.

Here is another from the next day.

And another.

They just keep on comin'.

But wait.

When I asked him if he could draw me (hoping to get him to think outside the box, or pool as it may be), he looked up at me with his concentrated I'm-an-artist-studying-my-model's-face look. And then...

He drew this.

It's me! I have a ponytail!

It's the most beautiful artwork I've ever seen in my life.

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