14 September 2011


This, once again, is the view from our window. It's a glorious window... wide open, no screen, and it lets in a glorious amount of fresh air (if you can believe it, in this city), cool breeze and no bugs!

I love it.

But do you notice anything about all these roofs?

Like, something they all have in common besides the cement construction, tan color, poles and wires all over the place and the sheer number of satellite dishes?


K, I'll just tell ya, cause that's a really hard question and it's super hard to see the photo.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has a water tank.

Water only comes one day in the week. It runs for a bit over twenty-four hours. During those twenty-four hours you frantically wash every dirty item of clothing and linen, you scrub your children real good and hope it lasts, you bathe yourself for the first time in an unwilling-to-admit amount of days and you actually do a full flush of the toilet every chance you get. AND you wash and rinse the dishes with more of a teensy trickle coming from the tap.

And what do you do the rest of the week? You conserve, big time. And you hope that the tank that got filled in that glorious twenty-four hours of water will last 'til water comes again.

And what I mean by 'you' is 'me'. But I'm sure you caught that.

Some people have many tanks. Or huge tanks. Or they pay for a big water truck to come and re-fill their tank mid-week.

The water tank above our flat is this size. One cubic meter.

And we are six people.

And it's got to last for six days.

Think we can do it?


  1. I love your pictures, and your post! Ah! My heart goes out to you. I now live the joy of turning on a tap and having water come out, but 25 years ago in Istanbul, and just 15 years ago in El Salvador, that was not the case. I know that jump to get everything done.

    God's blessings on you, and may He multiply your water!

  2. Yes you can do it. You'll find that you can use water over and over-you learn a new 'comfort' level. Last throw that mop water on a thirsty plant or dusty road.


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