22 September 2011

Life Around Here


This is the scene of our street-bought-lunch a few days ago (falafel sandwiches). Isn’t Amman nice (it doesn’t all look like this, but some parts do!)


And this is my girlie looking so big and so darn cute eating her own sandwich I can hardly take it.


Speaking of cute, this is is the window display of a furniture store at one of the local malls. Yes, it’s miniature! Not dollhouse miniature. But, like, toddler miniature. A whole living room set? Have you ever seen anything like it?!


H asked to go in and look. We obliged. Then he tried it all out for size.

It fit perfect.


Oh. My. Word. This was definitely a first for me!


And today, while waiting for an appointment, we found a local park.


The kids had fun on the teeter-totters and we discovered why they took them out of most parks in the U.S. (No injuries, grandparents). :)


And my girlie threw a fit at one point. Not sure why. What else is new?


After the appointment, we stopped for one of my fav treats from this part of the world… Cocktail with fruits! It’s pretty much a smoothie with a bunch of fruit chunks inside. (Check out another gorgeous one I had in Lebanon here)


But there was also a donut counter in the same restaurant. When Sweet N wandered off, she was whisked behind the counter and soon returned with a treat of her own in her lil’ hands. (For no charge, of course!)



And while I’m at it, this is our street. The city is built on seven hills (small mountains?) and we live on one hill/mountain that is known to be the steepest. Needless to say, my calves hurt for a few days upon arrival.

And that is a bit of our life around here…

P.S. We opened up another piece of luggage (that was meant to stay closed until we make it home to Africa) tonight just to save Mikey from having to create many more unique voices, like he did this night and following nights. :)


  1. Thanks for the Amman pics. I always love to see where you are, even if it isn't where you want to be right now!! :) Miss you all so much!! BTW, did N share her free treat with the whole fam?

  2. N did share her treat, in fact she didn't eat much of it herself cause I refused to let her feed it to herself. :) Sound familiar?!


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