08 September 2011


We're here.

We're in Jordan! We've been here several days, actually.

If you are curious, the kids were traveling champs!

We didn't end up getting a bassinet and sitting at the bulkhead (the row at the front which has extra room for kiddos) even though I spent about an hour on the phone a couple different days with two airlines trying to procure these amazing seats. But because there were a ton of babies on the flight (Middle Eastern airline, duh! I should have realized.) they were already taken when we checked in. But my begging paid off and the nice employee (yes, thee one and only nice employee we interacted with) gave us FOUR seats at the last minute instead of just three.

God bless him.

Begging often pays off. Ever tried it? (Don't tell my son I said that.)

Anyway, four seats is WAAAAAY better than just three! And the long flight was overnight. N cried for awhile and eventually fell asleep in her Daddy's arms at one end of the row. (She rarely chooses me over him, and in this case... I was okay with that. Ha!) At the other end of the row next to me H tossed and turned in his seat long enough that I asked him if he wanted to lay on the floor like a bed and to my surprise (and joy!) he said "Yes!"

So I settled him on the floor and then got comfy lying down on the remaining THREE seats for a nice snooze myself!


Four seats, four people, and I got three to myself?! Call me selfish, whatever... no one else was gonna use them! And I slept! Glory halleluiah... I rarely have gotten a good sleep on airplanes since I gave birth.

It was amazing!

Before we took off, these girlies made friends, which is great for the entertainment factor. Especially since this girl and her sister both had iPhones which had an app that had black and white kitties for piano keys that you could play. A bit creepy, maybe. But it entertained my toddler and frankly that's all that matters.

So here we are, in East Amman. The weather is amazing, the view is extraordinary and the shwarma is as good as I remembered it.

Mmmmm. Shwerma.

We've been laying pretty low. Setting up meetings when we can. Getting work done when we can. Getting to know our new friends/hosts. And thanking Jesus that our kids have had virtually NO jet lag whatsoever. Sweet N woke up two nights at 1am, stood up and began to wander around the room (and hug her sleeping brother?) until we discovered her, placed her back in her sleeping tent and told her to go back to sleep.

And she did.

And that has been the extent of it.

But she has started a different sleeping habit.

She regularly rolls out of her tent and sleeps on the hard carpet floor instead of the padded inside.

It has happened more often than not!

(awwwww, so sweet!)

It's really pretty funny.

And no, we don't pick her up and relocate her. It's too risky... are you crazy?!

So that's the story!

We're hopeful that we'll be back in Africa by the end of next week. But in the meantime, we're making the best of Jordan!


  1. It's so cute that your daughter does that.
    Glad you arrived safely in Jordan. I will continue to keep your family in my prayers.


  2. Was just thinking of you guys last night. So glad your trip and stay in Jordan are going well! Love you all.


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