13 September 2011

My Lady Snacker

It's always fun to discover the snacks that a new place has to offer. Going to the store to get a treat is one of my boy's favorite things to do. And 'a treat' typically costs about seven cents here. But you really get what you pay for cause the stuff lacks any sort of nutritional value.

Anyway, since this is an Arabic speaking (and writing, duh) country, I don't always know what we're buying. It's kinda of like those mystery brown paper bags at the dollar store labeled 'boy' or 'girl'. Never know what might be inside! (No, I don't buy those... it's gotta be all the leftover junk, right?)

This one wasn't quite a mystery, cause it said "POPCORN" on the front in English. But it is that fake puffy kind of popcorn instead of the real stuff. Delicious! I love this stuff.

So do my kiddos. One day I gave Sweet N a bag of it, expecting her to wander around the house as she snacked, in classic toddler-snacking fashion. But instead she put the bag on the table, climbed up into her seat, grabbed a spoon and fed herself popcorn off the spoon.

She's such a little lady.

p.s. As I was writing this, my kiddos came back from a trip to the store for a treat with their Daddy. Girlie came back with a tiny box of chocolate milk and H came back with a bottle of water! A bottle of water?! He said "Tomorrow I might get chocolate milk, but today all I want is water."

Pardon me. What in the world?! What three year old boy just asks for a bottle of water for a treat?! Ha!

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