19 September 2011

Quote of the Day

This ’quote’ happened many months ago at home in Africa.  I recently re-discovered this random file of the conversation on my computer desktop (that gives you a clue into the state of my computer desktop, doesn’t it?!). Oh my.

I believe Mike was playing with H on our living room rug, I overheard their conversation from my desk (while working on my computer) and typed out what I heard when I heard it.

“Daddy, can you be a horse?”  H asked.

Mike, trying to be enthusiastic, replied “No, I'm too tired to be a horse. I can be a worm!”

H was not convinced that worms are fun.

“Daddy, I want you to be a horse.”

”I can be a log. That'd be fun... you could like, sit on the log.” (Ha!  Sit on a log for fun... Bahahahaha…)

“Daddy, I want you to be a horse.” H asks, once again. Then he started to pout.

“I wanna play with you, but I'm just tired.” Mike explained… “How about I’ll be a sleeping horse!!

"Noooo.” Groaned my boy.

Yeah… all of us parents have been there, have we not? There is definitely no judgment coming from me… I often only want to play games that I can participate in while lying on H’s floor mattress in his bedroom.  Still… this makes me laugh!

1 comment:

  1. I find this absolutely hysterical as it matches my level of energy this afternoon! I'd like to be a worm, log, or sleeping horse myself after school today! Crack me up! I hope you guys are doing well while still being so patient to get back home!


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