30 October 2011

Snuggle Babes


Just another simple photo p0st today. These babes love each other.

And then my heart bursts. Again.

29 October 2011

“Taxi! Taxi!”


It’s fairly easy to tell we’ve been 'passing through' Jordan for awhile now. (Much longer than we had imagined, actually.)


Need a taxi? Just say the word and my girlie will keep her eyes on the road, throw her little arm out there and yell “taxi!” at any passing vehicle, yellow or not.

It’s pretty much the cutest.

28 October 2011

Friday Night Football

In honor of today being Friday and in honor of me wishing I was sitting in the stands at a High School football game enjoying the fresh air, the bright lights and a numb bum… I’d like to re-live our last night we had in the U.S.A. before we left to travel to Jordan.

It was the very beginning of September and - sad for me – the temperatures were still more like humid Ohio summer rather than crisp cool Ohio autumn. But it didn’t hinder our enjoyment, to be sure!


The stands were full that night but we found seats in a front row and my daughter had plenty to look at.


Like the band for instance! I am a band geek and I’m not afraid to say it. Seeing bands at sporting events is always one of the highlights for me.


It didn’t take long for Grandpa to take H on a little walk. And then Aunt Wendy helped Sweet N text all her friends.

Cause that’s what you do at football games, right?


Oh yeah. There was some football being played too.



Looks like Grandpa found a snack for the kiddos. Ack! Look at that sweaty head!


Ooooh, they’re warming up for half-time!


And this girl was warming up for some kind of popcorn eating contest – at the rate she was shoving the stuff in her mouth she was certain to win… (and scare her Uncle to death too!)


The show!


More show!




We stuck around for a drum feature during the third quarter. Percussion features are the best.

Then we said some really tearful goodbyes (don’t think about it Mom-in-Law!!), put our kids in jammies on the front lawn of the High School and drove them home for their last night of sleep in the U.S. for awhile.

Later we heard that we had missed, like, the GREATEST comeback in the history of High School football.


In any case, it was a great way to spend our last evening. I remember it so fondly and am so thankful that we could fit in this bit of good ol’ American ‘fall’ fun before we said goodbye. It’s the little things like spending time with family doing normal things like this that I miss the most.

27 October 2011

Tried and True Recipes: Nilanthi’s Quiche

I don’t think my friend Nilanthi even knows that I have her recipe – or that it’s one of my favorites! It’s so easy and delicious… I have served it often to guests. It’s a company pleaser, for sure. The beauty of this quiche is that it doesn’t require a crust. You mix the flour right in with the eggs and it sets up and serves beautifully without the hassle of making a pastry crust.

Nilanthi’s Quiche:

¾ cup flour

1 cup Cheese (any sort, really)

1 ½ milk (whole milk may work best)

3 eggs

Fillings: Whatever strikes your fancy…sausage, sweet corn, onions, bacon, chicken, tuna, spinach, broccoli, etc.

Bake 20-30min in hot oven (is that specific, or what?!)

To increase recipe: Use ½ cup milk for each egg and bake longer.

The three egg recipe fills a 9 by 9ish size pan. If you double it, it does well in a 9 by 13 pan.

25 October 2011

I Can See a Better Day

I don’t know a thing about Justin Bieber. Except, that is, for a couple things about his hair:

1. I noticed his(?) certain hairstyle on many young men before I found out who started it all.

2. I saw in the news when he got his haircut. Pathetic? Quite possibly.


What I do know is that I loved this video.

We see a lot of need and so much pain and hurt and devastation in the world today. It's everywhere and it overwhelms me. Sometimes all I can do is pray and ask God to make the better day come soon. I know it’s coming. I know He's coming. May the world know The One who can take away all pain for eternity...

24 October 2011

Good For a Laugh

Recently, I joined Pinterest. I generally avoid joining anything new online because I like to streamline and not complicate, but my internet bookmarks were driving me MAD! There were so many of them, they were so unorganized and I always had to open a page and load the whole thing to even remember what it was I bookmarked and why. I thought Pinterest might be a good solution. I was right! But it also is one more thing that I like to check online daily. It’s just so fun to see all the creative, beautiful, fun, genius, and funny things out there on the web. It’s great ideas, it’s inspiration for my dream house (in heaven, most likely), and it’s gorgeous and often meaningful art. Pure entertainment!

I’ve been pinning craft projects, kid activities and gorgeous design ideas for a little while, but my most recent discovery on Pinterest is the ‘humor’ section. The past couple evenings I have just spent awhile browsing what people are pinning on there and I end up giggling the night away. This has been great medicine for me but has also caused much confusion on my husband’s part, who is in his personal twin size bed on the opposite side of the room wondering what in the world could possibly be so funny. (Our current bedroom is the room of a very generous little two year old girl who allowed our family of four to move into her space and take over her twin beds and wardrobe. We’re so grateful!).

Aaaanyway… the conversation between Mikey and I, sitting on our respective twin beds across the room from each other, generally goes something like this:

Me: Giggling hysterically.

M: What’s so funny?

Me: Oh nothing, just this funny thing on Pinterest.

Him: What is it?

Me: Well, it’s just this photo of this texting conversation between a Mom and a daughter.

Him: What does it say?

Me: Do you really want me to tell you?… The Mom asks ‘What does IDK, ILY and TTYL mean?’ And the daughter replies ‘I don’t know, I love you and talk to you later’. Then the mom responds “Okay then, I’ll ask your sister'” Baaaahahahahahah!!

Him: Nervous chuckle.

Me: Do you get it?

Him: Silence

Me: Wanna come see?

Him: No.

Me: K, want me to explain it then?

Him: Yes.

Me: Okay, it’s really funnier if you’d just come look, but whatever… The Mom wanted to know what the acronyms IDK, ILY and TTYL meant and the daughter told her what they meant. They mean I don’t know, I love you and I’ll talk to you later. But the Mom thought that the daughter didn’t know and had just told her those things because she didn’t know and she had to go and so the Mom said she’d just go ask her sister instead, even though the daughter did actually give her the answer to her question. K?

Him: Oh, that’s funny. (spoken in a dull, unamused voice)

Me: Nevermind.

This happens again and again but we all know that nothing is nearly as funny when you try to explain it instead of just looking yourself. Aaaaanyway, wanna see some of the things that have had me busting up the past couple days?


Too bad!

First of all, I’ll show you the one I was just talking about. Who knows, maybe my husband will get it this time around? (Hi Honey! Love you!)


Bahahaha! I’m still laughing about it. It gets me every time.

Here’s a mere sampling of all the chuckle-getters out there…


A lot of these are funny because they are just so true. Like this one. I have heard “Oh Susanna, oh don’t you cry for me” a lot in my lifetime. And my name isn’t even Susanna, it’s Suzanne, but everyone thinks they are being SOOO clever.


I’ve seen this saying before. I love it!


Um, true!


This one is for my nephew D. Funny! He looks so worried…


HYSTERICAL! Gotta love some cake-bakers humor. “Nailed it” Ha! I don’t know what it is with me and Cookie Monster today…


Guilty as charged. (not a fan exactly, but near equivalents, to be sure)!! Bahahaha!


Also guilty. You? Ha!

Why in the world do we do this?!! Ha!

I don't watch many (any?) scary movies. But this made me laugh!


I love it.

SUN SHADE: If only you could attach it to hat

Good chuckle.


Cause: Tony practices the piano 20 minutes every day.

Effect: he is a Big nerd

Ha!!! Kid humor!! Bahahhaha!

I plan to go back for more laughs tonight. I can hardly wait!

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