21 October 2011

Another First…

Here is another first for my girlie… A French Braid!


Okay okay, maybe you wouldn’t even recognize it as so… it’s far from perfect, but gimme a break… I think it’s the first one I’ve ever done! Growing up my Mom and sister were always the French braiders and I was the French braid receiver (French braidee?). But now that I have a daughter, I’m gonna have to perfect my skills, don’t ya think?


It only took me a minute to do, but how did I keep her still? She was chowing on a falafel sandwich, that’s how. I think keeping her from squirming around is gonna be the most difficult part of braiding her hair, which I’ll do more often now that I know I can!


After that, she helped me load the washer. Yes, her old infant seat is my laundry basket. Can that be considered upcycling? Please say yes, as I've always wanted to be considered an upcycler. Well, I've wanted to be an upcycler since I figured out what upcycling is, anyway, which honestly wasn't that long ago.


Aaaaanyway. She loved it. It was a perfect little job for her. I love having a girl.

Braids and laundry. All in a days work. :)


  1. Great job! I never learned how to french braid. I need an extra set of hands, I think. I braid my daughter's hair (normal straight braid) when it's wet because I get more hair into the braid and it's easier to work with when it's wet.

    Wish my washer was in my bathroom. I could do two things at once. :-D

  2. Thanks Kate! I'm sure you could do it too! I wasn't very confident in my abilities, but I surprised myself. Yes, washers in the bathroom is not a bad idea... most of the rest of the world has them either in the kitchen or the bathroom. :)
    MIss you friend!

  3. When Ian and I were looking for our first home, we saw a house that had a laundry room off the kitchen. I thought that was a horrible idea because who wanted to smell laundry when they were eating?
    But now I am kicking myself... all this up and down the stairs business is awful!

  4. Ooh, hindsight is 20/20. He he. Also Kate, previously I thought you were a different Kate I know. So I should probably change my "Miss ya" to a "Would love to meet ya someday!" :) Ha!

  5. Haha! I was all "YES! We're friends! Isn't she so sweet!"

    And now...now I need a cookie.


  6. No no. We ARE friends. I do apologize for mistaking your identity! I won't make that mistake again... You don't have to eat that cookie!! Or do eat it, and I'll eat one too and we'll be friends, eating cookies together. :)


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