18 October 2011

Did Ya Mean to Print That?

We recently visited the Children’s Museum here in Amman.  It’s rather impressive and must be one of the nicer (only?) ones in the region.

At this particular exhibit, before Mike and I took turns frantically pounding buttons on the wall as they flashed to test our reaction times (You don’t believe that Children’s Museums are only for the amusement and education of actual children, do you?!) I noticed something funny on the sign.

Here’s the sign:


Explaining the activity in Arabic and English, fine…

IMG_9035 - Copy

But do you see the last sentence printed at the bottom? “The panel should be 20cm wide, and 40 cm high. Similar to all the signs for the exhibits. But we need to cover it with plexi.”

Uh oh. I don’t think they intended for the printing and mounting instructions to actually be printed and mounted. Oopsies! Made me smile.


  1. I love that! Did you measure to see if they got it right?

    I, myself was a little concerned about these "lightening" buttons...sounds a little dangerous! I love strange translation issues :)

  2. Crack me up! Reminds me of something that would be on Jay Leno or something. I also loved the lightening buttons; hope you didn't get zapped!


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