01 October 2011

Ribbon Love

Yes, my daughter still uses a pacifier. We've been on the move for so long now we haven't even considered taking away her favorite coping mechanism. I think we may have waited too long taking her big brother's away for the same reasons and I fear we're headed in the same direction towards a traumatizing parting of the child and the cork... but who can take a beloved lovie from a girl who hasn't been home in over four months?

Not me.

Not you either.

Step BACK.

He he

Her paci is attached to this cutest taggie blanket (made by Cuz Lori). This whole attaching the paci to the blanket thing is something my Mom came up with when H kept loosing his paci ("bice" as he called it, don't ask me!) in his covers or behind his bed or under his bed while he was sleeping. He couldn't find the tiny pacifier in the dark on it's lonesome but he could find it if it was attached to a furry blanket.

My Mom is a genius. Seriously.

Soooooo the cutest thing about her with her taggie-corker-blanket is that she always finds the couple tags that are made with the butterfly ribbon and slips her lil fingers through the loops. The butterfly ribbons are soft on the inside because of how they're woven and she likes that.

And I like her. She melts my heart. I'd like to give her the world if I could, she's such a gift.

That's all.


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