12 November 2011

Angry Birds for Dinner

I try to be a cool/fun Mom, I really do.

Last night for dinner I thought I’d make my kiddos’ dinner look like a face on the plate instead of just dinner on a plate. Kids like this, I’ve heard.

So I arranged the apple ears, banana eyes, cheese nose, chicken-nugget mouth and fried potato hair all onto the plate. Then I gave myself some Mom-points cause the chicken nuggets were homemade, baby! Then I subtracted some Mom-points cause I served them something fried. Then I gave myself more Mom-points cause I had, after all, made dinner look pretty darn cool. Then I…

Oh, nevermind with the Mom-points, those things aren’t real anyway.


But then I stepped back to admire my work and wondered… does this look like an angry bird? In fact, I think it does! Maybe it’s the fried potato hair that actually looks more like plumage? I don’t know people. I’m just trying to make food look like a face so that my kids will think that I’m cool/fun. Food face or food bird… it doesn’t really matter cause both are cool/fun, right! Right.

But there is something else. Do you notice an item that is missing from this dinner-bird? A condiment perhaps?

Ketchup. Right. Five (non-existent) points for you. Chicken nuggets demand ketchup. Duh.

I knew this necessary condiment needed to be included, but the problem was that I had already used up all possible face parts. I suppose I could have given the banana eyes ketchup pupils or something but frankly that’s just disgusting.

So I just gave it a squirt.


And then my angry bird then looked like he’d suffered a blunt trauma to the head.

Maybe the kids would just think it’s a hair accessory?

Oh my.


  1. Next time ketchup mustache? Haha. Looks like fun eating!

  2. Perfect idea Laurel! Why didn't I think of that! Genius!

  3. HA HA HA HA HA!
    You gave me my daily belly laugh! :-) I SO UNDERSTAND Mom-points... but never thought to verbalize it. Whew! Someone else as neurotic as me... not that I'm calling you neurotic. :-)


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