20 November 2011

Mornings With My Girlie

As much as I’ve missed my boys this week (they’re coming back to me in a couple hours!), I have really enjoyed time with my girlie.

Each morning, she wakes up in her sleeping tent and calls for me.  I tell her to come into bed with me and she rips open the tent door, stumbles across the floor and climbs into the big bed with her Mama for another hour or so of snoozin’.


I love it.

I love her. So much.

And I laugh, because Mike has been sharing a bed (or a skinny train sleeping bench) with H all week and he doesn’t have such nice stories about sleeping with his offspring.  H is more of a restless sleeper, you could say. He spends the night spinning around like the arms of a clock, having no respect for what should be the top or bottom of the bed and no respect for his bed-mate. When sleeping with him, you will often find legs draped across your neck, arms flung across your stomach, and even a bottom on your face. He shows no mercy.

Aaaanyway, Sweet N and I get going pretty slowly most days and get dressed, brush teeth, put on makeup and do hair before we venture out to join our friends. She enjoys all of these things and is particularly fond of the blush brush on her cheeks and of spitting in the sink, which she’s quite good at for a not-yet-two-year-old, ifIdosaysomyself.


So today she got her first up-do. You can’t see the little braids that I pulled back into the ‘do, but they were there.


She willingly sits while her Mama experiments as long as she has the bag of ‘hair pretties’ in her lap. She hands me little doodads and asks me “Openiiiin” Translation: “Open it”, which means many things these days, including the obvious meaning along with ‘please put this on’ or ‘please take this off’. She’s just the sweetest.

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