26 November 2011

The Deer Park, in Green Park

Last week when my boys were traveling we took a morning outing to the huge park right around the corner.


Our beautiful hosts… their kiddos are just about the same ages as ours.


This is the street they live on… isn’t it green and lovely? I think so.


Here we are. Deer Park. It’s huge, I do believe. It connects lots of neighborhoods, so lots of people were just walking through on their way somewhere else.


In we go!


There were a few sets of exercise equipment for adults.


Fun for little girlies too.

After they got off I did 100 crunches.

As if!


Then there was some really old temple thing.  Um, I guess I didn’t take picture of the whole thing. Nor do I know what it was really.  Sorry. Hope you weren’t reading this blog to have a full pictorial history of New Delhi.

Cause I ain’t your girl for that.


But I am your girl for an endless amount of pictures of small children. Like this one. Also, you can spy on those snuggling lovers in the background.  Scandalous. Ha!


Snack time.


Be cute time.


Look silly while I post with Mama time.


On this outing, I wasn’t the only one toting my camera around. Katrina, my friend, also toted her camera through parks taking a lot of pictures and also happened to get some of me.  Naturally, the one behind the camera is rarely in the photos.  This was a nice change!


Sweet N always asked to “See?” after I took some of her. I complied.


The trash cans were penguins.

Could someone explain this to me?


Here are some young guys who were quite interested in us and our kiddos.


There were some peacocks. They refused to spread their feathers, no matter how nicely I asked. Too bad.


Oh, I like her.


My girlie didn’t want to walk much for the longest time.  A big wide open park to run in and all she wanted was to be in my arms, which is kinda nice too, I have to admit. She loves her Mama. But she did eventually take off! Watch her go!


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