02 November 2011

Happy What-ever Day (wee bit late)

We didn’t do much (read: anything) on the 31st to celebrate Halloween/Reformation Day/Harvest Day/Whatever-you-wanna-call-it/Maybe-you’d-rather-ignore-it Day.

Did I cover all my bases?


Halloween’s not big here in Jordan (shocking, I know) and so my kiddos didn’t really even know that the day had come and gone.

I felt a little sad about it, cause frankly I like to dress my kids up and I like to eat candy, but I consoled myself by re-living the glory of last year’s Halloween when I was with the kiddos in Ohio and we had four grandparents around to spend the day with.


I did however, buy a pun’kin. Then I told my boy to go to the kitchen and hold it while I took a picture. He told me it’s too heavy. I told him it’s not. We went to the kitchen and he sat down and I handed it to him. Problem solved. So that is we got this picture of him in his ‘fuzzy’ (fleece) jammies that he loves to wear and gets upset whenever they are in the laundry basket and can’t be worn. Poor fella. Speaking of fuzzy jammies… I need me a pair of fuzzy jammies, it’s getting cold up in here if I do say so myself.

Wow, rabbit trail much?

Right. The pun’kin.

I’d like to say that we’re gonna have a fun time carving it up but that would be a big fat lie. Cause I really bought it so I could make a pumpkin pie or pumpkin cookies or maybe a pumpkin latte. After I bake and scrape and strain and puree, of course. You can’t carve the pun’kin and eat it too. Fact.

So, that’s my boring (and much longer than I had planned) non-Halloween tale. I leave you with a picture from last year so that you too, can re-live the glory of last year’s pumpkin patch, red wagon, hay ride, pumpkin carving, trick or treating and candy eating Grandparent-enriched festivities.

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