14 November 2011

The Part I Didn’t Mention

We made it to India! Yay!

Our overnight trip included a five hour layover in a, let’s say, sub-par terminal in Sharjah, UAE.


There have been many occasions in our travels during which I have been supremely glad that we purchased and taught our kids to sleep in this tent.

Last night was yet another of those times.

Also, my children are the sweetest.


And it wasn’t just for them! See that space next to Hudson? That’s where I snoozed for a few hours. Three bugs in a rug, we were. I mean, three red-eye travelers in a baby tent. Same, same. I loved it.

But there is something I didn’t tell you.

The part that I didn’t mention is that my boys are heading off on a cross-India adventure WITHOUT US GIRLIES for seven days. This journey includes various cities, a couple Indian host-homes and three overnight trains, one of them being (at least) a twenty-four hour trip.

Oh my.


There they are. Ready to head out the door. One solitary backpack holding all they’ll need (let’s hope!) for this coming week.


I’m not gonna lie. Many tears were shed by me in the recent days and today, especially.


I’ve never been away from one of my offspring for seven days. And now the first time we’re apart for this amount of time… he’s bouncing around India?! This Mama’s heart can barely take it.

And now I say goodnight on my first night here. Someone’s got to go snuggle H’s stuffed monkey, since there wasn’t room for him in the bag. That someone is gonna be me…

*sniff sniff*

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