06 November 2011

Quote of the Day

Today, the whole family was playing a bit of Wii Golf. H hit the long shots (cause his only strategy is to frantically wave his arm all over the place, narrowly missing my husbands head everytime, much to my amusement), Mikey was doing the medium shots and I did the putts. N held the extra controller that wasn't working and was convinced she was getting her fair share of the shots also. This arrangement worked for everyone.

Anyway, you may be surprised to know that despite our long-time Wii and golfing experience (?), we did get quite a few bogeys. And double bogeys. And triple bogeys. And we might have had one +9. I just can't say exactly.

Everytime we got one kind of bogey or another, we would announce the outcome and then H would say:

"Oh yeah!! Double boogie!!"

He he. It got me every time.

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