28 November 2011

The Taj Trip–Part I

At 4:40am our alarm clock went off.  The day of our rather ambitious day-trip had arrived. We were headed from New Delhi to Agra, a couple hundred kilometers away.


The train would depart at 6:15am and our group of four adults and four kids had to be on it. Trains in India have to be booked far in advance, so there would be no way to ‘just catch the next one’ if we missed the one we booked. Oh, the pressure!


We made good time getting out the door to the taxi waiting for us downstairs. We found our train at the station quickly and were in our seats right at 6am. Time to spare!


I realize that it looks like my son has his mouth on the window. Yuck yuck yuck. But I don’t’ think he really did. I think he was just making faces. At least he better have been just making faces.


We got settled, the train ambled forward and H decided to read the paper.


And this was delivered! I had no idea there would be such great hospitality on an Indian train.  “Meals on Wheels”, how appropriate! I’d wondered how I’d get my morning coffee on the go…




Then they brought breakfast too. I didn’t feel like the early morning at the very beginning of a long day-trip in India would be a good time to try this interesting looking local food.  But I did eat the brown bread, butter and jam.


After a little snoozing, we arrived at our destination.  We made it to Agra. First stop? The Taj Mahal!!

Stay tuned…

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