20 November 2011

My first Mela

Where I come from (?) in North Africa, we have lil’ things every so often called bazaars. You’re familiar with the idea. Twenty or thirty vendors come to sell their hand-made stuff, their imported junk, their potted plants their used novels, etc.

It’s basically an excuse to leave the house and go to a family friendly environment where you buy stuff you don’t need and see your friends. I love it. I go (most) every chance I get.

Today, I went to the, dare I say, equivalent, amongst the GINORMOUS ex-pat community of New Delhi, India.


Looks nice!

I managed to snap a few mediocre photos with the mini camera on my phone while we were there. Lucky for you, eh?


There was a bit of security at the entrances. If they had known I was taken a picture, I may have been taken in for questioning. Good thing I’m sly like 007.

Well, maybe I’m no 007. But the beauty of a camera phone is that if you play it right, they might just think you’re reading a text message or something. But whatever…

After walking through just a small fraction of the incredible grounds that is the American Embassy School, we came upon a huge field filled with vendors and eager shoppers.




after row


after row of vendors with beautiful things. If I was certain of where I’d be for Christmas, I could have done some serious gift shopping. But I'm not, so I did some light shopping instead.


It was light except for the five novels I picked up for less than two bucks at this book stall. Those novels weighed me down a bit, frankly, but it was worth it. I love me a cheap novel.

Amongst the things I didn’t buy were:


Handmade quilts. There was more than one stall selling gorgeous handmade quilts of excellent taste!


and Tupperware.

Wait. Tupperware? There was a Tupperware stall. Seriously. Where am I?

India has blown away all of my stereotypes, big time.

Will you forgive me, India, for judging you?

Okay. Thanks.

I’ll take some Tupperware please.

Just kidding.


There were even Boy Scouts who sold me a cold Sprite.

God bless ‘em, it was a tad warm today and that Sprite hit the spot after I ate my Danish baked quiche for 80 rupees ($1.60).


I think you could call this the food court. Wow. This was taken before the place was jam packed with a very hungry and very international crowd.


Asian food. Served in fancy silver warmers. Whoa.


There was even an entertainment stage with dancing


and more dancing.


N snoozed for an hour in the carrier, then she woke up and ate this lil’ picnic on the green grass.


It was, indeed, a fabulous way to spend the afternoon with my girlie and our friends.

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