22 December 2011

Just a Lil’ Somethin’…



Here’s just two lil’ somethin’s that Santa’s elf whipped up tonight, after she shopped in Santa’s elf’s mother’s (got that?) craft/sewing room and put the little tots to bed to dream of sugar plum fairies.

Speaking of fairies… that is what the multi-colored skirt looks like to me. A fairy skirt!


These are skirts, in fact, which I realize you might not know since they are not yet pictured on their cutest-ever almost-two (gasp!) model. Tutorials for simple no-sew skirts like this are flying all over the internet like pigeons fly all over that one famous square in Venice. (What’s it called again?)

Aaaaanyway. SUDDENLY, I’m fourteen thousand times MORE excited (if that’s possible) for Christmas morning. I don’t even care how badly my back hurts from hunching over the floor cutting fabric for a couple hours.

Honestly, these two lovelies just might be the clincher as to whether or not we make it to church on Sunday morning. I wish I were joking. But I may not be. I can’t wait for Sweet N to open them!! I’ve already thought that I should dress her in something that will match these skirts (that maybe means no red), cause she’s probably going to want to put one on (she BETTER want to put one on…or else... Ha!) and who wants to clash on Christmas morning photos?! I mean really. Sorry people, that’s just how I think.



Also, it’s a good thing my daughter doesn’t read blogs. Cause then her surprise would be spoiled and spoiled surprises are no fun at all.

These are just two of a handful of handmade gifts I did this year. I do LOVE LOVE LOVE to give handmade gifts. If I actually had a little stability in my life I might have been able to produce many more. Okay, and if I didn’t have two small kiddos in my life (hellOOOO!)… but I’m not complaining! Oh no I am not.

I’ll show you more handmade gifts later. I’m surprised I’m even posting this one ahead of time. But you see, I’m so dang excited and Mikey is out late at a basketball game so I can’t show him and watch him try to figure out what to say about a girly dress up skirt and what he thinks I want to hear about these girly dress up skirts (did I get it right wifeys?) and so I had to share with someone

So, is anyone else whipping up handmade goodies to give away? Do share!


  1. I enjoyed making my own Christmas cards this year, and also made some buckeyes for friend and for co-workers! Bringing a little Ohio to TX.

  2. Mmm hmm, so cute! I've seen these around and might try one for Z's 2nd birthday. HOW are our girls nearly TWO already? Anywho. I'm making a couple of these for gifts this year. They're super easy and fun when you've got oodles of extra craft paper lying around like I do! http://underthetuliptree.typepad.com/under-the-tulip-tree/2010/01/cookie-sheet-craft.html Also, The Boy will be getting a little handmade surprise (maybe I'll post pics after the big revealing) and while its not entirely HANDmade, the grandparents are getting Shutterfly calendars with photos of the grandchildren. I too love handcrafting things. Now, if only you and I lived closer so we could do these things tooooogether!


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