01 December 2011

Modes of Transportation

We are in India no longer. Kinda sad. But don’t you worry, I’m not done telling you about it. There will be several more posts about India coming your way soon, whether you like it or not! I just thought I’d inform you that we’re back in Jordan.

And that it was 15 degrees Celsius (59 Fahrenheit) when we arrived.

And that my boy said “It’s cold here.”

And that I emphatically agreed and then proceeded to pack all his shorts away while listening to Alabama's Christmas Album.

It was a two day journey back here, with a night in the U.A.E. halfway between India and Jordan. Our modes or transportation went like this: taxi, golf cart, airplane, bus, taxi, taxi, bus, airplane, taxi. I didn’t include our ‘feet’ as a mode, cause frankly that would have been annoying to read that before and after every other mode.

Mode sounds funny now.

Aaaaanway, the kids had a couple extra modes of their own.


I learned that this is a much safer way to put your kiddos on the luggage cart. Usually we face them forward and there is nothing to hang onto. This worked great! (Don’t judge us for putting our kids on the luggage cart please… do you know how much time we spend in airports and how much kids like to ride on luggage carts?!)


Luggage trolleys in hotels are always a big hit.


Duty free shopping carts. We didn’t do any shopping, but these things spin beautifully! “Gaaaain?” Sweet N kept asking me each time I spun her down the airport hallway.


The last one is my personal favorite. She’s like a little splat on that duffel!

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