05 January 2012


Did you know that my sis is going to have a baby girlie, like any day?  Umm, yeah. How’d you miss that? My little niecey isn’t due for several more days… but you never know when she might decide to make her appearance!!! (Soon, I hope!)


I’m a little excited, in case you couldn’t tell. Also, doesn’t she look incredible for nine months pregnant? I’d say!

I don’t know if my sister wants to know this or not (probably not), but a couple weeks ago I had already reached the point where every time she called me I was listening to the tone of her voice and the background sounds to give me the first clues as to whether or not she might be getting ready to tell me that she’s in labor! Ahhh!!!

It’s awful, I know. I know what it’s like to be so uncomfortable and so ready for little baby to show her sweet face and for people to look at you like you’re about to pop (although I’m sure my sis isn’t the size that I was at nine months pregnant… Lord have mercy) And I KNOW that it’s not fun that people look at you  and listen to your voice on the phone like you’re a ticking time bomb. But I can’t help it!! 

I am just SOOOO stinkin’ excited for that phone call!!!

Expectation is fun like that. We know something amazing, something beautiful, something so so special is on the (her) way and that soon I’ll get to lay eyes on her and swaddle her up tight and put little booties on her and kiss her little cheekies and tell her that I’ll love her forever and ever.

I’m so excited.

Did I mention that?!

Also, it’s tradition now, for Auntie Suz to doctor up some burp rags for the offspring of her precious sister and sister-in-law. Here is the third batch, sewed with love! I managed to avoid pink, for my sister’s sake, but it was really REALLY hard for me!


C’mon baby girl! I’m ready for that phone call.  My heart is full of expectation for your arrival!

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