30 January 2012

Felt Baking Kits–Hearts!

Recently I created these homemade felt baking kits for my two little munchkins. They were a hit!

It would make a super cute Valentine’s gift for the mini-mes in your life and there is still time to make it happen before the 14th of February.


Here is the whole kit. But I’ll show you some details…


The ‘dough’ that gets rolled out is two layers of tan felt. I doubled the felt so that it would feel less flimsy than a single layer. It would definitely work with one layer also. I spent most of my time zig-zagging around the edge of these pieces and if I’d only done one layer, it wouldn’t have been necessary to zig-zag at all.


Using a cookie cutter as your pattern, cut the shapes out of the felt with a sharp razor blade. That way your little baker can cut and re-cut the perfect shapes each time.


The pan and spatula were bargains and I added my own details…


I love tiny details. And these small details help to keep the whole set along the same theme and make it easy to identify that it’s not my spatula that I suddenly find missing when I’m trying to scramble eggs. But it also makes it possible to distinguish her rolling pin from his rolling pin, if you know what I mean and if you understand the importance of being able to distinguish! the two. Two bakers fighting over whose rolling pin is whose are not happy bakers. (Yes, I made a boy set too!)


I covered a bargain hot pad with my accent fabric and trimmed the edge with pinking shears. Easy peazy.


Who wants a cookie without toppings? Okay, I’ll take a cookie any ol’ way, but it’s more fun with icing and sprinkles!




I also included this sweet apron. It was mine when I was tiny, but it wouldn’t be hard to create your own.


Lastly, I sewed this cute bag to gather all the bits and bobs.


Here’s the boy kit. It’s so manly, eh? His apron is a dish towel with a length of black binding tape quickly sewed onto the top. He looks oh-so-handsome with it on too!


And here are the little details on the boy set. So fun.

In closing, I have a Warning: DON’T attempt stars unless you’re really committed… it was much more difficult to zig-zag these felt shapes than the hearts. I really wish I’d just chosen a circle or something, anything without 10 sides!

My kids love these sets. I have even hauled them to church as a quiet activity and it worked. My happy little bakers baked away. Until my littlest baker started hitting her spatula on anything hard that made a noise. Oops. What are you gonna do? She’s two! I still called it a success!

So there ya have it…

Felt Baking Kit

mop it up mondays


  1. Suz, this is AMAZING! Whyyyyy don't we live in the same town so you can show me your sewing skills and share these gems of joy with me?!

  2. What an adorable idea! I am so doing this for my grand-daughter Lucy! Thank you for the inspiration. ~Kelly

  3. These are AdOrAbLe!! Sad that my kiddos are almost outgrowing this kinda fun stuff. I think they would also look adorable in a display in a pretty cake plate! Would be delighted if you'd link up to my brand new party:

    (your newest follower)

  4. Oh my! These are so beautiful! Great job! I love your blog!

  5. These are still on my brain! I featured you today at http://www.ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com/2012/02/mop-it-up-mondays-party-2.html.

    Would love for you to link up any other projects you have: new or old! Hope you're having a great "solo trip"...I love those!!



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