25 January 2012

H’s First Homework

My boy started preschool a couple weeks ago and looooves it. Like, totally.


It wasn’t long before he came home with his first homework assignment. I think I may have been almost as excited as he was.



He was super concentrated on his assignment, which was to connect the big shape to the little shape with a line.


He did it with almost no help from me, but as you can see, he didn’t take the ‘short route’ between the shapes. He did NOT want to have to cross one line with another line and would take the loooong way around to avoid having to cross lines. I had to do quite a bit of cajoling to get him to finally cut across the magenta line near the bottom right corner to connect the big diamond to the small diamond.  Silly boy!


And here’s lil’ missy, who also completed a project when she had a playdate the other day. She was so proud, showing me the second I walked in the room to pick her up and talking about her project and her flower all day long…

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