16 January 2012

Homemeade Baby Legs (aka Leg Warmers)

Sweet N had some teeny tiny legwarmers when she was a wee one, thanks to my husband’s cuz (Hi Nicole!). They were pretty darn cute and I wanted a repeat. So I made her some! I picked up a couple pairs of women’s knee socks on clearance at Target way back in the summer.


Then I took them to Jordan, followed the instructions on this website, using the foot of the sock to make a cuff on the long leggy part.

I sewed it all by hand over several sittings. I rarely sit for more than, um, twelve seconds, so it’s a bit challenging to find time to hand sew some toddler leggings. Ha! They are far from perfect, but I was very pleased with the outcome.


My model was on location in India when these photos were taken.


These knit leggies have already several countries and back again. Oh my.


But they don’t stay still for long!

1 comment:

  1. They look great! I'm so gonna do this next time I see some cute socks on clearance. I love giving Baby Legs as gifts, but they are pricey so a handmade version is so much better!


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