13 January 2012

Stubborn Little Stinker–N’s Two Year Portraits

While down in Charlotte last week I thought it a good time to take advantage of the milder weather and attempt some portraits of my girl, since she had a birthday and all.

Oh my.

I took my photography entourage to the park along with the wee model. My entourage included my father with a second camera and my husband with a backpack of some 'make her laugh’ tools and some candy for bribing.

We wandered around that park for probably an hour, doing anything and everything trying to crack a grin out of my daughter and mostly, we all failed. Miserably. At certain points we could tell that she was purposefully trying to hold back her cute smiles. That little stubborn stinker, I can’t think of where she could have possibly gotten that personality trait!

In the end, Dad got two pictures before his battery died and I took over 600, most of them not good. Mikey had rolled down hills, thrown her in the air, done silly dances, bonked me on the head with a plastic bat and given her (green) candy that you may spot if you look closely. And still, most of the photos capture her more contemplative, melancholy look. What are ya gonna do?

It was fun and her joyful little self was finally captured in the end when Poppi flipped her upside-down, Mikey threw her up in the air, two of us swung her, first holding her hands and then putting her on the real swing, where she throws her head back and giggles non-stop every time.  I love this age. I also think my daughter might be a miniature adrenaline junkie. Not sure.

Oh, I do love my girlie. Smiles or not, she is a beautiful masterpiece of God’s craftsmanship. At least this proud Mama thinks so…

IMG_2112 copyIMG_2330 copyIMG_2148 copyIMG_2238 copyIMG_2365 copyIMG_2376 copy

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  1. Such a precious, beautiful child. I love her so much!! And, in some strange way, I have an immense patience for her stubbornness even though I don't always understand it. It reminds me of someone I've loved for 30 years now!! :)
    I really do have to say that, by all apparent signs, you have come by your patience with more ease than I did! I pray that you always can find it within yourself to be able to deal with the challenges she will continue to throw your way.
    We always told ourselves that the "strong-willed personality" you showed us would become a real strength in your life, as long as you could learn to use it for good. I believe we have seen that come true. More power to you! And our prayers are that you can train up your child to use her strong will in a positive way as well!

  2. And such beautiful photos, despite the lack of smiles. Nice job, Super-Mommy!

  3. Beautiful shots. You really captured so many expressions and moments...with her looking and without her looking. I love the light and composition on the one where she is looking away...beautiful. Great composition work, too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. LOVE the second photo! She looks angelic with the light hidden behind her!!!


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