26 February 2012

The Everyday

Here are just some photos of my everyday days.


Well, luckily this scenario doesn’t happen like this everyday. This was supposed to be play-in-your-room-time. Instead of playing happily with toys and each other in the bedroom, my son sat on a box two feet from the doorway making faces at me and my daughter threw a fit in the doorway. Not exactly what I had in mind. Ha!


This meal was egg and cheese burritos. Please notice that my son devoured his tortilla and ignored his egg and cheese while my daughter devoured her egg and ignored her tortilla (I call her my Atkin’s baby). Then they started eyeing the other one’s plate! Oh my word. This is just one small example of how very different my children are.


My girlie, cleaning again.


Morning reading time.


And more morning reading time. I love it.


Here H is teaching N about days and numbers. So cute.


Homemade applesauce making time.


Just a cute girl eating a sandwich.


And making a gorilla face. Is she not the best?

The answer is yes. Yes!!

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