14 February 2012

Grocery Grins

I’ll tell you that it has me grinning these days...

Car carts, as my kiddos call them!
These are one of the glories of the overwhelming U.S. grocery stores. I thank God for them in my prayers every night. Well, not really. But maybe I should!
2011-08-08 17.09.18
There must be a thousand varieties in various stores in this country…
And that is definitely a good thing. I hope the person who invented them is rich and happy… they deserve it for all the (semi) peaceful shopping hours they have allowed us mothers of toddlers to experience when we previously had no hope…
I mean, just look at how happy my boy is with his mini-cart! (Just watch your ankles, folks!) He was so stinkin’ happy with that thing that it was actually way more fun to shop with him that day than without him (and that’s a pretty strong statement for a mother of a four year old!)
Grocery stores in America aren’t all bad, I suppose…

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