05 February 2012

Missing Mama. Or Not.

My day on airplanes coming out east was as blissful and uneventful as I imagined.  And I was made even more thankful because I missed a blizzard in Denver by only a couple of hours. Thank you Jesus.

Mike and the kids are doing great. Of course. Chick Fil-A, various parties, the library, baking, grocery store, reading, a trip to the work-out room with Daddy… he’s doing it all. Frankly, I don’t know what I’m needed for anymore.

*sniff sniff*

Ha! Just kidding. The kids talk to me on the phone a couple times a day. Sweet N is more willing and much more difficult to understand. H is sometimes too busy to talk to silly ol’ Mom on the phone, despite how certain he was of his sadness before I left. The few days before my departure he was telling me often that he was going to miss me and didn’t want me to go.  Then on the drive to the airport he said all these things:

“Mom, I will cry the whole night.”

“Mom, I will cry the whole week.”

“If you don’t give me a hug and a kiss tonight I’ll be sad.”

“Mama, I’m gonna want you.”

“Mama, I want to stay with you.”

“But what if I want Daddy to hold me and he’s not soft on his belly like you are?”

“Mama, I’m gonna miss you.”

Oh. My. Word. He is the sweetest boy that ever did live. I don’t even care that he calls me fat in his loving comments. I was tempted to pack him in my bag and bring him along. Sort of. Maybe.

Speaking of sweet. Check out these little ones…













Davis is a fabulous big brother, loving on his baby sister and singing her name when she cries. And as you can see… Daphne  does have a thing for crying, bless her precious little heart. Frankly, she just isn’t that crazy about being awake. I think we all have been familiar with that feeling at some point in our lives. I guess Sister and I both got our due with our baby girlies, after our piece-of-cake firstborn boys. Ha!


So so perfect, isn’t she? She likes to sleep in my arms, which makes her extra wonderful, too.

I do believe that is probably about all the cuteness you can probably handle today…

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