25 February 2012

Quote of the Day

Saturday afternoon.

Kids napping.

Sun shining.

Breeze blowing in the windows.

Snow-topped mountains glorious in the distance.

Me and Beth Moore, studying the Psalms together. ;)

Suddenly a quote jumps off the page and whacks me in the face. I love it.

“The destination of any trip sets the tone of travel.”

True, eh? Am I taking a trip to a funeral? I’d be melancholy and sad.

Am I taking a trip to Disney World? Well, I’d be so excited and expectant, I’d probably write “Mickey Mouse or bust” on the back of my minivan with shoe polish and start mapping out my ride-strategy ahead of time. I’d be breaking in my walking shoes and saving my money so I could eat some cotton candy and hot dogs. I mean, wouldn’t you?!

She continues…

“You and I are not on our way to a funeral like many of those who surround us. We who are in Christ are on our way to a wedding of such glorious and expensive proportions that we’ll have to change our clothes from mortal to immortal just to survive the thrill.”

Whoa. At the end of my life I will experience the most glorious celebration that will far exceed all my wildest expectations. And girl, I love me a good party! I want to live in the reality of that imminent wedding! I want my actions and attitudes NOW be a reflection of my final destination!


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