24 February 2012

Silly Me

Silly me, I keep expecting TV shows to get better.

But (shocker) they don’t.

Last year I stopped watching Glee. I LOVED Glee. I loved the music, the dancing, the silly plots. Mostly the music. But I quit watching it because I couldn’t handle all the high school sex. I know people have sex, I know high schoolers have sex. I’m NOT condoning it people, but I know it happens. It breaks my heart, but it happens. But to see it on GLEE in such a light hearted, no-one-here-is-getting-hurt-by-this, it’s-just-what-everyone-does fashion was just too much for me. They’re not even 18, for heaven’s sake! They’re not even adults! Ugh.

Then, this year, I stopped watching The Bachelor. I know, I know. You might be thinking “How could you EVER watch that show?!”  I’ll tell you how. I was a sociology major in University and this whole idea of 25 women falling in love with ONE man every.single.time without fail is so fascinating to me! It’s a sociological phenomenon, seriously!  BUT, at the beginning of the current season, they showed this monologue of a half dozen girls crying and freaking about about the relationship they are having with Ben. And frankly it just broke my heart. It’s SO FAR from what God intends our experience to be as we meet a special person to spend the rest of our lives with! It’s supposed to be exciting, fun, expectant and joyful. Watching your crush date a bunch of other girls and constantly having feelings of jealousy and wondering if you’re good enough and questions of what can a girl can do to get ahead of those other girls (Like ask him to go skinny dipping on national television?!) should NOT be a part of that journey. HELLOOOO!!  If it breaks my heart to watch 24 girls get crushed and rejected one after another… how much must it grieve Jesus’ heart?! He’s got to be furious. So I’m done.

And more recently, I began watching Smash. Another music themed drama… yay!  and Broadway? I love Broadway! I love Katherine McPhee too. But now I’m three episodes in and suddenly the show is revolving around… do you wanna take a guess?…. fornication and adultery! Awesome. Just awesome. At least they’re grown adults this time, but seriously, I’m sick of it.  Is sex the only thing that sells in our culture, people? It’s terrible. We see too much of it and it’s no wonder our society doesn’t think fornication is a big deal, or any sort of deal at all, frankly. And adultery… oh my word… I don’t want to watch married people cheating on their spouses.  It’s not a joke, it’s not entertainment, it’s SIN, and it creeps in our media all over the place these days. I don’t want to watch others fornicate, I don’t CARE if they’re not ‘real’ people. I don’t want to be like this world. I want to be different. And so I say “Adios” Smash, I had hoped you would be different.

So that is where I’m at these days with television. I’m not gonna judge ANYONE for what they choose to watch or not. It’s not my place to do that. This is just my personal experience lately…

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