13 February 2012

Snow Much Fun

We’ve seen two decent snows since we returned to the U.S. in December. The first was in Ohio and my kiddos were pretty excited!


Noelle couldn’t have remembered snow and she mostly wanted (and still wants) to do one thing with it. One thing only.


Eat it! 

“Bite ‘now”? She asks everytime we go outside to any amount of snow, no matter how clean or dirty. This day in January… it was fresh and clean!


After a little sledding, Poppi helped her eat a little more. Poppis are so helpful like that.


She was less of fan of the sledding, however.


Yeah. Not happy.


But this little guy was having the TIME OF HIS LIFE.


Seriously. So happy!


He was outside with Poppi for a really long time and never did get cold. (Please ignore his lavender snow pants… we are so thankful for hand-me-downs… who wants to pay for snow pants and who cares what color they are?!)

Sweet N didn’t last outside very long…


But she wasn’t willing to stop the eating of the snow.


So her wonderful Daddy got her a couple cups of it to eat in the comfort of the warm (sled-less) kitchen.


Oh my. Cutest snow-eater EVER.

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