02 February 2012

Solo Trip

Guess what. I’m taking a trip. ALOOOONE.

Say what?!!

It’s true. Today I’m flying to Charlotte to see my Sis, Bro-in-Law, nephew and of course… sweet newborn Daphne!


Just look a her. Just look. My sis tells me that she’s been asking about me all week and wondering when I’m coming.

Well sweet girlie, Auntie Suz is coming TODAY to meet you!! Don’t you fret your perty little self…

Aside from meeting her and hanging out with the fam, I plan to do other things that are even more rare occurrences. Like sit on an airplane seat all by myself (obvious, I know, but definitely worth a mention). And not carry any diapers. And travel with ONLY carry-ons (Did I just say that?!). And sit in my airplane seat marveling at the lack of toddlers by my side. Then sit in my airplane seat and cry at the lack of toddlers by my side. Then pull out a hanky to blow my nose and remember my sweet boy who made me a hanky for Christmas and cry even harder. Oh my. I also plan to eat my traveling snacks all by myself without sharing. I will walk through airports without pushing a stroller, without tugging a child by the hand and without spreading loads of crumbs in every gate I wait in. And when I arrive, there will be no traces of snot, vomit or smeared peanut butter on my clothing. Glory halleluiah.

Hold up. I'm not done.

When I arrive I plan to sleep in a (fabulous) King size bed all by myself, whenever I want, for as long as I want. I'm gonna sew stuff without one of my children on my lap. And read books without pictures. I’ll call home and talk to my hubby and my babies and tell ‘em how much I miss ‘em and how much I wish they were with me. Then I’ll hang up and wonder if I really meant that or not. Then I’ll struggle with internal conflict for the next half an hour. Then I’ll curl up on the couch and drown my internal conflict with a fuzzy blanket, a newborn baby and lots of cooking shows.

I think you get the idea. It’s gonna be great.

I’ve been seriously looking forward to this for awhile. I think it does a Mama some serious good to get away. And maybe it does the Daddy some serious good to? I can’t count the number of times in the past few days that Mikey has said “Don’t leave me!” He he. Don’t you worry about me, friends, I’m gonna be doin’ juuust fine… But maybe you could pray for my husband? Ha! He’s gonna be doin’ great too. He's amazing. I love him. And it's mostly him I have to thank for the gift of this weekend...

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