05 March 2012

Headed Home

Mike’s third leg of his trip overseas was fruitful! He is carrying four passports with four visas to return to our home country in Africa! Hooray! It’s been a long time coming and we are thrilled to be making plans to return there in a bit over a month’s time. (It also makes taking care of his children for 17 days in his absence feel a bit more worthwhile, terrible as that sounds! Not that I've been counting though, remember...)

In the past, preparing to head back after such a wonderful time in the U.S. would be more challenging. More emotional. More bittersweet.

And it still is those things but to a lesser degree. Coming and going, while we never planned for it to happen so often, has become part of life. I guess I’m just becoming more accustomed to our lifestyle? Or maybe ‘settling’ my family in 16 or more places in 10 months is enough to make me long for my own lumpy cotton mattress in my own hot, dusty city? I don’t care if it’s sweaty or dusty… it’s MINE! (Oh wait. I suppose sometimes I do actually care that life over there is super sweaty and dusty. I care a lot. But at least we sweat and eat dust in one place instead of 16!) And of course it’s never never EVER fun to say goodbye to dear friends and family. Taking the grandbabies from their grandparents is probably one of the very hardest things about the whole deal. Maybe THEE hardest, let’s be honest. But I’m not gonna think about that yet…don’t say goodbye yet! We’re not boarding the plane for several weeks, okay? Okay!

As I look back on this season of sojourning that is drawing to a close, I remain so thankful for His grace that has covered us and even overflowed (at some points, but certainly not ALL… Lord knows NOT ALL! Ha!) I am thankful, too, that there is an end in sight to the wandering, at least for now.

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