10 March 2012

Living the Crazy Life

It’s Saturday night. And we are living the crazy life. Please let me show you our big plans.


Uh huh. BIG plans, eh?!

Dinner time. We were tuckered out from a regular-do-nothing-in-particular-kinda-day. We meaning Mike and I. The kids were however, NOT tuckered out. So we tried to pass a hour or two by parking them in front of Shrek II with dinner on their laps.

There ya have it. Saturday evening. One jetlagging snoozer and two parent-encouraged couch potato kiddos. (Possibly earning me another Mother of the Year award?) What did I do? I took some photos (duh), read The Better World Shopping Guide, ate a salad  (I’m already pre-grieving the loss of uber-cheap giant sized boxes of pre-washed organic baby spinach that we won’t have in Africa) and texted some peeps.  That about wraps it up.

We’re so crazy.


And really cute.


Really really cute.

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