20 March 2012


WARNING: This is a long’un! As in… 53 pictures folks. You can think of this entry as part of our family photo album. Or you can think of this entry for the grandparent’s benefit… as if they were right there watching the Parade with their grandbabies. OR you can think of this entry as a complete re-cap of the parade. That would be untrue, but maybe if you have always dreamed of spending your afternoon at a St. Patrick’s Day parade but have never had the chance (?!) well… here is your opportunity to see what it’s like.

Or maybe you think I’m just nuts for posting so many pictures of a silly parade. Who cares, anyway? But whatever. It’s my blog and here we go.


We got there early to get our spot. Looks nice and roomy now, huh? Well halfway into the parade we were engulfed by children of all ages and had no personal space. I tried not to feel violated. Ha! And my legs were numb from sitting on the concrete for three hours. But it was worth it.


I packed a picnic. I love picnics.


They watched for the parade to start for a long time before it actually did.


If the sidewalk across the street looks busy here, there were at least twice as many people crammed in there later on.


Bagpipes! What an appropriate way to begin (after the flags, that is.)


I’m certain there is some historical significance to the cheetah poncho. Right? Right?!


“Celtic Steps: The Premier Irish Dance School of Colorado”

Might we venture to say that it may be the only Irish Dance School of Colorado? I mean, this is Colorado, after all.


Apparently we Americans are under the impression that all Irish girls have brown or blonde super curly super thick hair? These wigs were out in mass and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the parents that had to buy them for their daughters. But who knows… maybe that’ll be me someday? The things we do for our kids…


This wasn’t a parade entry, but it did pass by a few times. Souvenirs anyone? Also, ever wonder how weird a real Irish person must think we are for our cheesy American celebration of this Irish holiday? Is it even an Irish holiday? I have no idea. I just know St. Patrick was a pretty awesome guy.


Pooper scooper #1. He got a huge round of applause.


Look at that baby in the front seat! Cool how kids in parades in America get to ride in cars like kids in Africa get to ride in cars all the time.


Not sure.


Neat-o. Unicycle with un-attached steering thing. Is that cheating?


Pooper Scoopers # 4 and 5. Very enthusiastic.


Not sure.


This was a Middle School Band. MIDDLE SCHOOL! And they were awesome.


This lady got a huge round of applause too. Do you think I could do that?


Pooper Scooper #7. She’s walking right on by the poo as if it’s not there and that her only job in the whole parade is to scoop it! She made me laugh.


Horse drawn casket wagon?


Followed by a hearse? A bit morbid, for a parade I think. I mean, that's what dead people ride in. Seriously. What is going on here? Anything for a little advertisement, I suppose.


The kids loved this one. Dancing Gorillas! Cool.


My boy saw another kid do this and it worked. So he started to give it a try. It didn’t matter if there was anyone even in the vicinity that was passing out candy. He just held that hat right-on out there in faith for the longest times.


A Leprechaun! He’s cute.


These girls had bunnies in the baskets of their scooters. I don’t get it, but I like it! Watch out for the ignored poo girls!


Llamas. Because it’s just not St. Patrick’s Day if you don’t get to see some llamas in a parade.


I like Chick-Fil-A and I thought this was cute!


It paid off! Whoo-hoo!


Whenever he got some treats, he’d put them under his hat right back onto his head. I love this kid.


Not sure. Can anyone explain this? Please?


More bagpipes. Nice!


The Shriners had quite a long series of entries in this parade. Here I show you a tractor and mini-car. There’s something for everyone in the Shriner community, apparently. And all hobbies can be showcased in the Parade!




Something else I don’t really get, but that I like.


I don’t know what this entry was for, but I really appreciated that this guy just pushed the plane down the road. No need to mess with trucks or tractors or motors… he just pushed it casually like an oversized stroller. More power to him. Talk about being GREEN during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Get it? Green? Har har.

No really. Did you get my joke?

Oh well.


More bagpipers. Where do these guys come from? And that leader guy? Yeah… he was huge and taking his job very seriously. I wouldn’t pick a fight with him, just sayin’.


Wait, what’s this? Rocky Mountain Highland Dancers? You mean there is more than one Irish Dancing Group in Colorado? Whaaaaat? If I had to choose, I’d call this one the ‘Premier’ one, cause I appreciate their authentic costumes (as if I know) and their lack of wigs.


Not sure. She did NOT learn that from me.


Elliptical bikes/scooters/contraptions? AWESOME! I would love to give that a try.


Break time for Sweet N.


She’s just precious, that’s all.


Paid off again. Score!


This was definitely the cutest candy I have ever seen passed out at a parade!


Aren’t those little gummy things cute?


He’s a persistent fellow.


I have seen these guys all over town dancing on street corners. The guys in blue robes waving signs never has quite convinced me to give them my tax business though.


But now that I see a guy completely covered in a green suit with shamrocks on it… I am running over there right now to let them process my taxes. Will I see you there?!

Oh wait. Mikey already did ours. Too bad. Guess I'll see you another day then.


The end.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone, three days late!

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