01 March 2012

Party in the Crib


This is my daughter sleeping the other night.


Can you even spot the real girlie in the middle of all the other babies?


Sweet N loves her babies. And her water cups. And her blankets. And her baby’s blankets. And her pillow. And her baby’s pillow. (The exact count that night was 7 dollies, 1 monkey, 2 pillows, 5 blankets, one corker, 2 water cups, one precious baby girl).

Anyway, I haven’t had the energy to limit her when she keeps adding them to the bed. “Whatever” I think. “As long as she falls asleep… I don’t care!” I’m choosing my battles, especially with Mikey gone for so long!


But I’d hate for her to roll over on top of baby #4, feel something uncomfortable under her back, wake up and cry! Then I would have to stumble in there and take care of the problem and waking up in the middle of the night really isn’t my thing.


So after she is good and zonked I re-locate the party to one consolidated corner of the bed. I don’t think anyone minded.

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