12 March 2012

Sweet N and Two Pillows

In the past you’ve seen her sleeping with a row of babies and also sleeping in a pile of babies. But last night I went to check on my daughter and I found something new.

First, here are two necessary bits of information:

1. Sweet N has a special pillow case (that fits airline size pillows) that she always has on one pillow or another wherever we go.

2. Grammi made her a mini pillow to match her own pillow so her dollies could have a pillow too.

3. N often won’t let us lay her down at night because she won’t lay down herself until her dollies are taken care of.



…last night I found one dolly all tucked in on top of the big pillow,


and sweet N asleep with her head on the teeny little dolly pillow.

Melt. My. Heart.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, my!! So sweet of her to share the biggest pillow with dolly!


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