01 April 2012

A Giraffe Snack

I had an opportunity before we left Colorado to take the kiddos to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with friends. It was so fun! I’d have to say the highlight was feeding the giraffes. I fed them and my kiddos fed them too. It was really, really cool. I know I should work harder to describe it in a more interesting or descriptive way but I’ve been up to my ears in piles of packing this evening and I’m tired. So just look at the pictures and imagine what it must have been like to hold a piece of lettuce out for these long-tongued creatures!


Both of my kids were pretty uncertain at first. I did it a couple times to demonstrate first… trying not to let on that I was quite uncertain myself.


Then I helped them at first. It kinda looks like I’m torturing my daughter here. But I knew she had to get over her fear to enjoy it. I was right. Moms always know best. Can I get an “Amen?”?


Hello Mr. (Mrs? Miss?) Giraffe. Hungry?


My boy H has just the thing…


We always were pretty quick to snatch our hands away once the lettuce had been claimed. Maybe that fear never entirely left…


I was so proud of my boy.


And so proud of my girl!

It was SO much fun, in case you didn’t catch onto that yet.


Also, don’t giraffes have the most enviable eyelashes?!

Yes, they do.

They remind me of Martina McBride’s (fake, probably) eyelashes, which I noticed as she was singing on the AMC awards just now. She sang as a couple actually got married during the awards show. It was like a real live music video.


But I digress…


Yay for the zoo with friends!

Good night.

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