24 April 2012

Her Own Bed

When we arrived home at 2am six days ago, we could not locate Sweet N’s pack n play ANYWHERE. We didn’t exactly have all the time in the world before bedtime so we decided to put N on a mattress on the floor. The air cooler in the kids’ room wasn’t working so they had to sleep in our room anyhow, because we have the one and only air conditioner in our room.   Glory Halleluiah.

So we put two mattresses on the floor, laid the kids down (at 4am) and frankly I wasn’t quite sure what would happen. N had never slept in a big girl bed! I was planning on switching her very soon, but the day we arrive isn’t necessarily the ideal time, in my mind.

But what could we do?!

Not  a thing.


So here ya have it.


My girlie’s first night in a big girl bed. If going to sleep on a mattress on the floor of her parent’s room at 4am counts. Which I think it does. Also, she insisted on socks because that’s how she’s slept for the past year. She didn’t care that the room was near 90 degrees.


And here she was in the morning. I do believe she did okay! And she took her own socks off. Ha!


How I love her.

However, I have to say that it took N a couple days of sleeping on the floor to realize that she could actually get out of bed herself should be sleeping. We had a few lessons on that and I think she understand now to stay in bed when we put here there. I hope she gets it. Time will tell if she really gets it…


And this was another morning. My boy.


H is a crazy sleeper. He turned 180 degrees and slept with his head on the tile floor. Whaaaat?!
Aaaaanyway, flash forward: TODAY was the first day their cooler worked (it was fixed the other day and broke again within hours) and their room was clean and so we moved ‘em on in!


H was thrilled to be back under his blue mosquito net.

“I’m gonna play in bed my all day long!” He said as he climbed in. Think it’ll actually happen tomorrow? Ha!


But this was something new for girlie. Wasn’t sure if she’d be okay with it…


But she totally was.


And once the lights were out


we didn’t hear a peep or see a peek from either of them.


I guess the transition back to their own room in a house my daughter doesn’t remember wasn’t so hard after all!

Maybe I underestimate her/them.
They are really good kids… they do amazing well with transition. Thank you Jesus.

So tonight my boy sleeps in his own bed for the first time in almost a year and my girlie sleep in her own big girl bed for the first time ever.

The next transitions to tackle will be potty training Sweet N and maybe taking away her corker, but the jury is still out on that one…

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