04 April 2012

A Note About Packing

I bought a year’s worth (at least I hope) of spices and our current apartment smells, um… ethnic? Frankly I don’t like it. I’ve tried putting the pile of spices inside any number of plastic bags and it still isn’t masking the smell. And I’m scared to pack them in a suitcase because then everything that sits with them in that suitcase for two weeks is gonna really smell. And now my hands smell because I dumped them all out to take this picture. Help!


Also, I am so thankful for boy’s adjustable waist shorts. It makes trying to predict how much my boy will grow by next summer a bit less stressful cause the pants are adjustable. It’s the small things.


P.S. Countdown is 12 days. And that was the first time I actually counted the countdown! :)

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