12 April 2012

Two More Feet

Last week my sis-in-law and bro-in-law asked me to take this cute photo of them and their feet.


It was a bit of specific request. And a bit odd. And a bit urgent the evening before Easter. But I went with the flow and didn’t ask too many questions cause I’m cool like that…

Well, I should have known they were up to something!


Their family is “Growing by 2 feet!”

That’s right… I’m gonna be an Auntie again! Whoooo0-hoooooo!! I did do a bit of jumping and screaming when we found out!

Sweet one (they refuse to find out what they’re having, again, much to my dismay!) will arrive in October…


And in October that will make this sweet boy a big brother!! And at the wise old age of 16 months he’ll be showing new baby the ways of this world.


He is just the sweetest thing.


And he’s gonna make a fabulous littlest Big Brother.


I’m sure of it!


Congrats Curt, Julie and Big Brother B! We’re so excited for you to welcome a new baby into your family!

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