02 May 2012

Highs and Lows

Do you think I’m doing the whole best-and-worst-about-my-day thing? ‘Roses and thorns’ as some say? He he. I’m not. Although that’s not a bad idea.  But no, this post is about the weather. Specifically, the temperature. I know you get a lot of this from me, but too bad, I just can’t not talk about it!

So we have this handy dandy electronic thermometer that we brought over a few years ago. It takes the temp inside and then we strung a wire outside (not hard to do when all windows and doors have huge gaps) to take the temp outside too.


This was 7 pm a couple days ago. 91.8 inside and 94.8 outside. Whew! We must not have run the air cooler in there before I took this pic, cause the kids’ air cooler (this is in their bedroom) really cools it down to the 80s fairly easily.


The thing also has a memory to keep track of the highs and lows until you reset it.

And we were recently gone for a year.

So we didn’t reset it for a year.

What we have now is a very accurate and fun and interesting year long record of the all-time highs and lows inside the house and outside on the balcony.



Lows first. The coldest it ever got outside was 55.8 degrees. Maybe not cold to you, but REALLY cold up in here. Parkas and beanies cold. Seriously. Actually,  the locals bring out the parkas and beanies at about 80 or 85 degrees. True story.

And it was a chilly 64 degrees inside. At 64 in our house I would have been sleeping under at least six blankets. I’d have two pairs of socks on. I’d also be wearing socks on my hands and two layers of clothing, and probably a hoodie besides, tied tightly around my chin. No joke. That’s really cold inside for here.

And now…


The highs! 106.3 inside. Seems hot, but our bedroom and the kitchen easily get up to 100 during the day. 100-ish in dry heat is not so bad. And also it’s just that our bodies are accustomed to it. However, 100 (and higher) and super high humidity (like in the fall months here) is like torture. Pure torture. I’d take 120 and dry any day over 100 and humid. Anyway… I’m rambling.

Wait, we’re not done.

The high outside was 127.8?! 128? 128, really?!

Oh no.

Maybe it would have been better never to be reminded of what is headed our way this summer.

Stupid temperature experiment.

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  1. Well, our unseasonably warm 84˚ day today is nothing to whine about. It pales in comparison to the 128˚ IN THE SHADE temp you sometimes have. Ahhh!


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